Anderson Cooper’s Giggle Fit Is Adorable (VIDEO)

anderson cooperAnderson Cooper is one of the smoothest guys out there. I get the sense that his feathers are hard to ruffle, that he stays calm, cool, and collected under almost all circumstances. We know he's got a sense of humor (how can you be friends with Kathy Griffin otherwise), but on his show on CNN last night, Andy really showed how much he likes to laugh. His giggle fit over all the pee puns in his report on Gerard Depardieu's pissing-on-a-plane scandal is one of the funniest things to come out of CNN since Christine O'Donnell walked out on Piers Morgan, which, uh, also happened last night. Banner evening for the Cable News Network!


I don't know who wrote the commentary that Anderson read on air, but I'm wondering if that person is looking for friends because I'd sure like to meet them, shake their hand, and buy them a beer. The story was soaked with pee-puns -- everything from jokes on Depends to Pampers to Golden Globe winning tinkle to Gerard Departwo (as taking a #2) -- and Andy kept it together for an impressive amount of time while he warned the crew to stop laughing, that they were distracting him.

Eventually, the giggles got the best of our dear Coop and he broke down like a schoolgirl who just heard her first penis joke. He squealed and squirmed and chortled and teeheed his way through the segment, stopping briefly to laugh his way through saying,

Sorry, this has actually never happened to me. You always see this sort of thing on YouTube, and you never think it could happen to you!

And YouTube is precisely where this clip now lives. It's four minutes of pure pun fun, and I dare you not to get the giggles yourself while watching it. Warning: if you didn't want to be besties with Anderson Cooper before, you will now. He's the coolest!

How funny is this clip?

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