'Bachelor Pad' Happy Ending Already Over

Most of us cheered last Monday on Bachelor Pad when Ames Brown hopped into the limo carrying Jackie Gordon and chose love over money. It was so romantic! It was so sweet! It IS so over.

Alas, the two lovebirds we were all rooting for broke up about two weeks after filming. Word on the street is that Ames dumped Jackie. Maybe it's not a surprise, but that doesn't mean it's not disappointing.

Will any Bachelor couples ever really work out?


Let's review, shall we? We have Trista and Ryan (duh), Ali and Roberto, Jason and Molly, Tenley and Kiptyn, and ummm ... I think that's it! After so many seasons and spin-offs and single men and women, there are only four relationships to show, two of which aren't even marriages?

Those odds seem pretty slim. Ames and Jackie seemed like a great couple, but it wasn't meant to be, it seems.

It seems that even the few who come for love end up getting a taste for fame and wanting it even more. Did Ames dump Jackie to be the Bachelor? Maybe. But even if he didn't, he is famous now and maybe that matters more to him than "love." Maybe he just wanted off the show anyway. Wouldn't you?

Something tells me Ames will never be hard up for money, so my guess is he is trying to parlay his heroic move into a prime spot for himself. And you know what? He should probably get it.

Do you think Ames will be the next Bachelor?


Image via ABC

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