Ashton Kutcher’s Posh ‘Two and a Half Men’ Trailer Proves He’s a Spoiled Brat

ashton kutcher trailerAshton Kutcher's trailerThis is a photo of Ashton Kutcher's new trailer for his stint on Two and a Half Men. As you can see, it's equipped with two floors and, as you can't see, some seriously high-tech stuff (more on that later). Not bad for a guy without any major successes in Hollywood. I guess you could say, at $8,750 a week, the joke's on Warner Bros.

But wait a multi-camera second here. Is the joke really on the former That '70s Show star, who clearly is incapable of being without over-the-top ostentatious luxury every second of the day?


Before I made the leisurely stroll on over to the world of blogging, I worked in television. For a long time. With some big-name people. And never have I ever seen a trailer of this capacity. Including Charlie Sheen's and John Cryer's. (I worked on The Big Bang Theory, which was next door to Two and a Half Men.) A little peek behind the curtain here, people -- there are some days where the actors are literally at work for a total of two hours. And they have every fourth week off -- and a two-month hiatus! So, doesn't this seem ridiculous to you?

Kutcher's 53-foot-long, 30-ton trailer includes seven 60-inch 3D plasma screens, two bathrooms, a kitchen with granite countertops, and a conference area. Security cameras are mounted on the outside of the trailer providing 360-degree surveillance (most likely for Charlie Sheen), and when someone rings the doorbell, the stereo system and TV volume lowers, and the image of the visitor is projected on the screens inside.

Who does this guy think he is? A Saudi prince or something? Isn't this the same actor who recently starred in movies such as No Strings Attached and What Happens in Vegas? He doesn't deserve -- or need -- a trailer like this.

I'm of the belief that it's worth it to put money into your home, after all, it's ... your home. And when you go on vacation, splurge then, too. Stay in a swanky hotel, even if only for a few nights. It'll be a memory you'll never forget. But when it comes to your work place, save your money. Add a plant here, a few throw pillows there -- make it comfortable -- just don't go overboard. Isn't the goal to go home to somewhere that's more aesthetically-pleasing than the place you just spent the past eight hours?

I guess for Kutcher it doesn't matter, though. 'Cause his Hollywood mansion is surely better than this trailer. And again, Warner Bros. are the idiots paying for this stupid thing.

What do you think of Ashton Kutcher's trailer?

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