‘Real Housewives’ Husband Russell Armstrong Found Dead

russell armstrong, taylor armstrongRussell Armstrong, Taylor Armstrong's estranged husband from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, was found dead Monday night in a friend's house in LA. Russell apparently committed suicide by hanging himself. TMZ reports that a roommate found Russell and called 911. Taylor Armstrong was informed last night of Russell's death. So far, no suicide note has been found. Taylor filed for divorce last month.

As a fan of the RHOBH, I remember Russell as a quiet husband and father whose chilly attitude was easily justified as shyness in front of the cameras. It was sad to watch Taylor realize that she and he were no longer in a good place in their marriage (remember when she cried to Kyle on Kyle's bed?), and I'm sure she's devastated by this horrible new.


Reality TV gives us a glimpse into the real lives of real people, but obviously not everything is shared, nor should it be. From watching the first season of the Beverly Hills cast, it was clear that Russell wasn't overly social, that he was a bit uncomfortable in his own skin, and that he didn't seem to know how to communicate with his wife ... but I just chalked all that up to him being, well, normal. I mean, I'd be stiff as a board on TV if cameras were following my spouse around and I thought Russell was having trouble adjusting to the unrealness of reality TV.

It would seem now that there was something deeper going on there. And for the sake of Taylor and their 4-year-old daughter, I'm glad we didn't see any of that. Sure, people think they saw a controlling husband who was rude and cold, but I think that was unfair to say about him. Again, I thought he was just nervous. Who knows what was eating at Russell -- was it the divorce, a flailing business, the dim limelight? -- but all that matters now is that he's at peace and that Taylor and their daughter get the love and support that they need right now.

I don't think the RHOBH is filming right now since season 2 is about to air, and thank goodness for that. Some things should not be on reality TV, and this is one of them. My thoughts are with the Armstrong family.

Are you shocked by the news?

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