'Bachelor Pad 2' Recap: Ames Brown Is the Real Deal

It was a crazy night on Bachelor Pad 2 replete with bruised egos (and backs), unnecessary cruelty, and a healthy dose of drama, but the real surprise was waiting for the end. Did anyone else miss the whole Jackie and Ames love?

We got to know Ames from Ashley Hebert's season of The Bachelorette. There is some amazing serendipity in seeing him find love so soon after Ashley tore his heart out, but I must say, I hardly saw it coming.

Sure, Ames is cultured and well-traveled and seemingly wealthy, not to mention really well-educated. Maybe he was ready to leave the show because, honestly, these people make Snooki seem smart, but even still, his departure was a shock.


One minute he was sporting Nantucket reds in the mansion driveway, and the next he was snuggled next to the departing Jackie, claiming to have won the biggest prize of all. And in case you didn't get that, he meant love. Yeah.

When did that happen? I feel like I barely saw them together and suddenly they're in love enough to necessitate a grand gesture? I need to suspend my disbelief, though. It happened. And it was adorable.

So, Ames has redeemed himself. He's a pretty standup guy as it turns out. In addition to being a 39-time marathoner (seriously?!), an Ivy League graduate, and a world traveler, he is actually what he appears to be: a sweetheart.

In a house full of scheming people who are some of the biggest asses in history, it's a welcome change. Monday night, Melissa cried, "I just want to be like Ames and Jackie or Kasey and Vienna." The two cannot even be compared.

One has a real shot at love, like Kiptyn and Tenley. The other is headed straight for the trailer park with a layover in jail. Ames and Jackie are what we all want. After taxes, the person who wins this show is only looking at about $125,000 if they're lucky. So when Ames and Jackie said they won, they really kind of did.

The rest of these bozos can duke it out over the scraps.

Do you think Ames and Jackie will make it?

Image via ABC

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