'Sex and the City' Return to TV Is Just What We Need

Sex And the CityNot since Bravo decided to launch a Real Housewives franchise in Beverly Hills have I been so excited about television news. Hold on to your Manolos ladies, because rumor has it that THE ladies are coming back -- Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. That's right, Sex and the City is coming back to television.

My excitement is tempered only by the fact that it won't be the original cast. I know -- big bummer, but it could still work if they find the right replacements. A third movie, which has now been scrapped for the television series, had, according to the Daily Mail, considered some interesting names to play younger versions of the ladies including Elizabeth Olsen (Carrie), Blake Lively (Samantha), Selena Gomez (Charlotte), and Emma Roberts (Miranda). The best part is that Sarah Jessica Parker will be directing the new series, and you know she'll keep the integrity of the original show.


While the movies were a disappointment, especially the second the one, I think bringing the show back to television -- where it belongs -- could just work, even with the new cast. The fact is we need this show back.

Since the ladies left us now seven years ago, we've had plenty of housewives to keep us entertained -- both Desperate Housewives and Real Housewives. The former is coming to an end (and should have a couple seasons earlier), and the latter's allure wanes a little more each season as the scenes seem a little more scripted, and we flip the channel a little more often.

And let's face it, it's not like The Real Housewives are good role models of female empowerment. They stab each other in the back more often than they get Botox (which is often), and care about little besides doing lunch and their next glass of wine. We need a female-centric show that shows us women we like, that are like us, and that we want to be like -- even if they're fictional. What other shows out there now do that?

Besides that, I miss my weekly dose of fashion inspiration.

It could flop, sure, but I'm glad they're at least taking a shot and returning the show to its television roots. If it doesn't work, it doesn't; but if it does, it will be amazing to have the girls back. Especially now, because this time, I have a DVR.

Are you excited about Sex and the City returning to TV?

Image via Joaomagagnin/Flickr

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