'Bachelor Pad' Kasey Kahl Belongs in an Institution

The second episode of Bachelor Pad 2 was every bit as dramatic as we have come to expect. And the cause of 95 percent of the drama? Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi

Vienna was the winner of Jake Pavelka's season of The Bachelor and Kahl? Well he is just some psychopath ABC found on the street. Seriously, where did they find this dude? Last week, we wondered what everyone saw in Vienna Girardi, but this week? It's all about Kasey.


Everyone on the show goes on and on about the power he wields, but why? Never mind that he sounds (and looks) like Kermit the Frog and speaks like his mouth is full of marbles. He is also insane. Certifiable, in fact. So insane that Monday night while we were watching the show, my husband said, "He should go straight from the show to a mental institution."

That was right about the time when he made his incredibly cheesy tattoo start to beat. Like a heart. Yeah.

The guy got a tattoo on Ali's season of The Bachelorette that was a shield and sword protecting a heart and then told her his job was to "guard and protect her heart." I am not even sure he had a single date with her before that. Now, he is guarding and protecting Vienna, who seems loud enough to protect herself.

It's one big mess, really. Somehow loony tunes and his crazy-eyes lady friend have managed to dominate the game for the first two episodes. Had there not been the big shakeup Monday night, Vienna and Kermit would have successfully thrown Jake Pavelka out on his heinie.

Straight up, he is insane. And not very smart. He reminds me of so many intense guys who scattered their focus back in high school so much that they never actually learned anything. He was probably so busy guarding and protecting hearts that silly things, like GPAs and college applications, didn't matter. He probably should have guarded and protected HIS SANITY.

The words "self-important douche" come to mind, but it's too darn easy to call him out. Quite frankly, he is going to live in a hell of his own making with the girl he picked anyway.

Do you think Kasey is insane?


Image via ABC

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