Jennifer Aniston’s 'Days of Our Lives' Role Is the Ultimate Act of Kindness

jennifer anistonJennifer Aniston just needs to go away and never be seen again, because she is so nauseatingly perfect. Really, it's kind of disgusting, and it's making the rest of us look bad.

So, you know how Jennifer's dad, John, is, like, this huge soap opera legend? (Who's also not too keen on her new boyfriend.) Well, apparently his gig on Days of Our Lives, where he's worked for 24 years, is currently endangered because, well, the show itself is endangered. NBC is looking to axe the soap because of its poor ratings.

So, what do you think the beautiful, talented, uber-rich movie star is going to do in order to help her father out? Yep, she's going to bless Days with her presence in the form of one wacky role.


According to the Express, Jen is planning on playing a frazzled wedding planner, who's frantically helping her dad's character, Victor Kiriakis, a Greek mobster, plan a wedding. If she were to take the job, the episodes would be set to air in November when networks are most competitive. Oh, and Jen would get Screen Actors Guild minimum for her work, which averages to about $645 a day. A lil' different from the almost $25 million she's banked so far this year alone. Hell, that's not even early Friends money.

But we wouldn't expect anything less from our girl, now would we? I swear, it's like every time I hear something about her, it's better than the last thing I heard. She's unbelievable. No wonder she's so g.d. rich and famous.

I know it's the right thing to do, but I truly don't think there are too many other A-list actresses who would do this for another family member. You think Angelina Jolie would pop on over to Burbank to shoot a couple of scenes in order to help dad Jon Voight out (even if she liked him)? Hell no, she wouldn't. He would call her up and the phone lines would turn to ice before he could even get any words out.

Jennifer Aniston is one Hollywood celebrity that really never fails to disappoint. Wonder what amazing thing she'll do tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that ...

How amazing is Jennifer Aniston?


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