'Real Housewives' Melissa Gorga's Single Doesn't Suck (for a Reality Star)

Melissa GorgaMelissa Gorga of The Real Housewives of New Jersey dropped her first single, "On Display," a few days ago, and unlike those songs of Housewives who have gone before her, it's not that bad. Not that the competition was all that steep, but I'd say she's bested the worst of them with this song.

She reportedly co-wrote the lyrics and is working on an entire album, which is a good thing since Joey Gorga built her that fancy cage recording studio in their home and all. It was produced by Soul Diggaz (who have also worked with Beyonce, Missy Elliot, Mary J. Blige, and Kelly Rowland), and you can tell someone knows what they're doing. Listen and see what you think.


Not bad, and I can see dancing to it in a club. It's much, MUCH less painful than Kim Zolciak's "Tardy for the Party."

Gorga blows away Danielle Staub ... which isn't hard, as she's so incredibly awful. I'm beyond embarrassed for her.

Then there's LuAnn de Lesseps, who actually has one of the next best voices, but she's so annoying that it taints everything she sings. Her latest, "Chic C'est La Vie," is laughable, but sort of in a fun way.

Perhaps the worst of the women is Michaele Salahi and her cringe-worthy song "Bump It." Warning: It will make your ears bleed.

And if you really want to cringe, you can check out Simon Van Kempen doing anything, but in particular, singing his song "I Am Real." There are no words.

Don't get your hopes that Gorga will be headlining the recently announced “The Real Housewives Live Tour." Turns out it won't be about the singing, but rather a few of the ladies (Caroline Manzo, Lisa Vanderpump, and Jill Zarin have been named) coming together to talk to audiences in three cities about the shows' big moments, answer questions, and the like. I think I'd rather see the singing myself if for no other reason than there are just some things you have to see to believe.

Which Real Housewives song do you think is the best? Worst?

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