Snooki & 3 Other Amazing D-Listers Confirmed for 'Dancing With the Stars'

snookiThe names of the latest celebs who've signed up to be on Dancing With the Stars this fall have been released, and boy, there are some goodies in there. The show has said that this season would have bigger names and more stars, and if you ask me, they 100 percent came through with their promise. But not everyone sees it like I do.

I happen to think that Snooki is a big name, that Tiffani Thiessen of Saved by the Bell and 90210 fame is a big deal, and that Queen Latifah is one of Hollywood's greatest triple threats. You may say they're all D-Listers, but I say D-Listen up people, at least it's better than Audrina Patridge.


A poll on TMZ shows that out of 11,115 votes, 64 percent say this new cast is an upgrade. I'm not sure what the other 36 percent were expecting. It's not like major celebrities are ever going to do this show. While I'd love to see Jennifer Aniston out there competing against Johnny Depp, I'm not holding my breath for that type of talent. And when ABC says they're casting bigger names, my mind doesn't leap to A-Listers.

It leaps to the top of the D-List pile, instead. So Snooki, Tiffani, Queen, and Rob Kardashian (well, he's a bit arguable) seem like natural and solid selections. If you're telling me that you're not interested in seeing Snooki trying to ballroom dance, then I'm calling you a liar. It's going to be TV gold. Think she'll wear her slippers?

The entire cast of the new season of DWTS will be revealed Monday, August 29 during a special presentation on the Bachelor Pad. If I have any advice for you, it's keep your expectations low. I probably don't have to tell you that, but I'm getting the gist from the Internet that fans don't think these four signed celebs are big enough talents. I don't think it gets much bigger than the D- or C-list when it comes to DWTS, so I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

What do you think?

Photo via sayhellotojessica/Flickr

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