'Bachelor Pad' Makes Vienna Girardi Even More Inexplicably Popular

Bachelor Pad 2's Vienna Girardi has a name that sounds like an STD and her personality isn't much better. Fame seems to be her only goal and she will stop at nothing to pursue it. Nevertheless, her popularity is astounding.

Consider this:

She has stolen two men (Wes and Jake) from Gia Allemand, arguably the best looking woman in Bachelor history. She is in talks with VH1 to get her own reality show with boyfriend Kasey Kahl. She once won Jake Pavelka's heart above all other women on the show. Ratings for Bachelor Pad 2 are high, largely because of her drama. And she has wrapped every man she has ever been with around her little finger.

What is so hot about this chick? Is her vagina full of rubies?


I don't understand it. The most striking things about Vienna are her hip to waist ratio (seriously, have you seen anything like it?) and her prominent facial features. She is no beauty like Gia, and yet, she can take a man in three seconds flat. What is it?

Do men just like crazy chicks? If so, fine, but how does that explain fans of the show? Maybe it's like the old car wreck watchers. We don't want to look, but we can't look away either.

Girardi is like all of our worst nightmares about who we might be as women. She is loud, obnoxious, dramatic, easily consumed by love, and unfriendly. And yet, she reels in men and attention like an expert.

Maybe as a woman, I will never understand the appeal of certain other women. Maybe this is something men need to explain to me. Because if I were a man, dumping Gia for Vienna would be the last possibility in my life.

I am no Jake Pavelka fan (PUKE), but Vienna is a mystery. Gia is gorgeous, perfect, and sweet. Vienna is a basket full of crazy.

So, what gives? What am I missing here?


Image via ABC

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