'Lopez Tonight' Cancellation Means Conan Pulled a Leno

I'm not the biggest late night talk show fan in the whole world, but I'm feeling bad for George Lopez right about now. After just two seasons on the air, TBS has announced that his show, Lopez Tonight, has not been ordered up for a third season. Meaning, it's basically coming to an end right away. And by "right away" I mean "in like 24 hours."

A spokesman for the cable network announced that tomorrow night's episode will be Lopez's last, citing that oh-so-familiar "difficult decision" of moving on. I have no idea if it was TBS who pulled the plug in such a dramatically quick manner or if Lopez basically said YOU CAN'T FIRE ME I QUIT, but it's all shaping up to remind fans of the infamous Conan/Jay Leno drama from 2010.


If you remember, when Jay Leno took his steaming-hunk-of-dog-feces Jay Leno Show to the NBC 10 p.m. time-slot, the stench from his show essentially tanked Conan's ratings. Then Leno got the primo 11:30 spot, Conan refused to move to 12:30 a.m., there was a bunch of crazy stuff about Team Coco, and Conan landed at TBS—neatly shoving George Lopez out of his 11 p.m. slot in the process.

So therein lies the rub: Lopez was apparently originally doing okay with his 11 p.m. ratings, but a year later, his ratings have dropped by 40 percent. What's been going on? Are people not willing to watch TV at midnight? Has Lopez Tonight started sliding off the rails quality-wise?

I admit I haven't seen Lopez very often, but I'm guessing the problem lies less with his show and more with Conan's. Not only for bumping Lopez out of that 11 p.m. slot he was doing fine with, but for not bringing the entertainment value everyone was hoping for. For Lopez's show to survive, Conan needed to be the sort of lead-in show that kept people blindly sitting in front of the TV eating Bugles, not hitting the off switch and heading to bed because OMG LAME.

I've seen a few Conan shows that have been worthy, but not very many. His show seems a little corny to me these days, a little too scripted. If he's got a truly amazing guest, I'll watch, but otherwise—no thanks.

Basically, it sounds like Conan did exactly to Lopez what Leno did to Conan in 2010. Exactly. And yet where's the Team Lopez outcry? The massive social media backlash?  I'm guessing he'll just quietly fade from view, and meanwhile, Conan will continue to enjoy his TBS blimp.

As for me, I'll be over here watching The Daily Show.

What do you think about Lopez Tonight being cancelled? Do you think Conan's to blame, or had Lopez's show just run its course?

Image via LopezTonight.com

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