'Sons of Anarchy' Is Almost Back, Baby!

Fellow Sons of Anarchy fans, the new season returns to FX on September 6—and based on some of the stuff I'm seeing online, it's looking pretty good. For anyone who joined me in wishing for an end to the Abel/Belfast storyline during season 3 (OMFG JUST FIND THAT BABY ALREADY I AM SO SICK OF HIS TINY MISSING ASS), season 4 seems like it's focused back on the club and their tensions in Charming.

The premiere starts on the day Jax, Clay, and other assorted SAMCRO folk have been released from jail and are returning home, only to be stopped by police on their way. Apparently there's a new sheriff in town (played by Rockmond Dunbar), and big changes have come to Charming and the club during their absence. Dun dun dunnnn!


Creator Kurt Sutter recently said that the new sheriff will bring "a different dynamic for the club"—which, yeah, seems pretty obvious. It will be interesting to see if the pressures rise between the united club members and outside forces—or if the focus will be on the dynamic between the club members themselves. I'm pulling for the latter, because while it's always nice to see SAMCRO turn and burn to go kick some ass, it's more uncomfortable (and thus more interesting) when the members are struggling with each other.

The always-awesome Katey Sagal, who plays Gemma (trivia: she's married to Sutter!), said of the new season:

This season feels different [from season 3], but splintered in another way. There's a lot of internal struggle that goes on this season.

Cool. As long as they're not chasing a damn baby for an entire season, I'm down. Although I heard a terrible rumor that David Hasselhoff would be in this season as a porn king, which I hope is nicely balanced out by the several episodes that will reportedly include Danny Trejo.

I wonder how hard Sutter is swinging for the fences this year, since he was so pissed about Sons being overlooked at the Emmys for season 3. In fact, here's exactly what he tweeted after the nominations were announced:

If my mom and dad were alive, this Emmy snub would kill them. That’s not true; they were too old to understand my show. Just like the academy.

Heh. Burrrrrrn. Well, we'll see what's to come in season 4 (my TiVo is SET, how about yours?), and in the meantime, here's a little taste:

Are you a SoA fan? Looking forward to the new season?

Image via FX

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