Jennifer Lopez Better Use Her $20M ‘Idol’ Payday for Good

jennifer lopezJennifer Lopez's American Idol contract is getting out of hand. OUT OF HAND, I say! The newly divorced mother-of-two is inking a deal with Idol that would give her close to $20 million for her services as the nice judge on season 11; last year Lopez got $12 million. I am a huge J. Lo fan and really love her on Idol (though she could be harsher/more realistic with the contestants) and I want her to get a salary that she deserves, but at some point, I have to draw the line. $20 million seems like a stupid amount of money, so I want J. Lo to do something smart with it. She needs to pull an Oprah.

No, that doesn't mean she should get a talk show or be in a secret lesbian relationship with her best friend, it means she should give the money away. You get a sack of money! You get a sack of money!


Because, really, does she need $20 mil all to herself? I say she should keep $12 million and gift the remaining $8 million. Oprah gave cars to teachers and I think J. Lo should follow suit and donate money to education or schools or teachers or me or anything.

It would be such an amazing display of selflessness and would teach the contestants, and the kids watching at home, what really matters in life. It's not always about the bling and the singing contracts, it's also about helping the have-nots if you have.

Millions of people look up to J. Lo (including me), so I just feel like she could use her giant stage and giant platform to set a good, philanthropic example. Otherwise, if she takes the whole $20 million, it may send the wrong message, a message that says the entertainment business is all about greed and dollar dollar bills, y'all. Speaking of greed, Steven Tyler is now trying to renegotiate his salary since J. Lo's reportedly getting so much. His lawyers are arguing that he's just as liked and just as important on Idol as J. Lo. (Mmmhmm, d'ok.)

So glad J. Lo's heading back to her judge's chair and I agree with Fox that they need to give her whatever she wants to stay on the show. It'd just be so rad if she used her position of power and money to spread the wealth to those in need. She's had a rough couple of months, and everyone says that the quickest way to feel better is to help others, so start dishing out the dollars, girl.

Do you think J. Lo should donate part of her salary?

Photo via Kevork Djansezian/Getty

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