These Cheesy 'Bachelor' Dresses Don't Deserve an Auction

bachelor dressesI watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette for many reasons -- the drama, the suspense, the comfort I get knowing that there are people out there far crazier than I'll ever be. But one reason I do not watch either of these shows is for the fashion.

I understand it's not Project Runway, but the clothes the girls in these shows don are so ... terribly, horrifically, God-awfully cheesy. The sparkly dresses, the deep plunging necklines, the feathers -- there have been feathers. The ladies on these shows are quite beautiful, but every rose ceremony, I can't help but think they look like they were all ripped from the set of Skating With the Stars. That's right, I said skating.

So, what in the Sam Hell are they doing auctioning off these "fashions"?


The luxury consignment online boutique, eDrop-Off, is auctioning off gems like "the frock Trista Sutter wore on her first date with now-husband Ryan Sutter; the dress Molly Malaney Mesnick wore to her first rose ceremony, where she met new hubby Jason Mesnick; and a gown Sarah Brice wore when getting engaged to Charlie O’Connell." The proceeds of these dresses will go help benefit the American Red Cross, so yes, I am a bad person making fun of their clothes.

It's just ... I don't understand who would want these things. I mean, sure, I get die-hard fans of the show wanting a piece of their favorite cast member, but the clothes aren't wearable, plain and simple. Unless, of course, you have a rose ceremony to attend in your neck of the woods.

The other thing about this auction that kind of gets my goat is the fact that this is essentially being touted as a celebrity auction, and, well, these women aren't really celebrities. I mean, they are, because they were on the show and all, but usually when celeb clothes are auctioned off, it's stuff from, like, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Molly Malaney is a lovely girl, but she's just not in the same league.

I don't know, take a look around the auction and see for yourself. Would you buy those clothes? I sure as hell wouldn't. Maybe my life is boring, but I wouldn't know what to do with this stuff.

Except for Peyton Wright's BCBG dress Max Azria BW dress. I'll wear that thing to bed if I have to! Don't even think of bidding!

Would you wear a dress from The Bachelor?


Image via ABC

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