'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Scott Proves He Hasn't Changed at All

Scott DisickI thought all the teasers for this week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians were just going to try to make us think that Scott Disick really started drinking again. They showed him heading off to host an event in Las Vegas, and sitting poolside asking, "What do you expect from me, it's Vegas?"

I expected them to just be trying to trick us into believing that after almost a year of sobriety, he actually fell off the wagon. But fall he did.


Even though his therapist balked when he tried to get permission from her to have one or two drinks and told him that was dangerous, he had one, two, and many more drinks once he got to Vegas. It started with vodka and lemonade by the pool, then a call for beers, and even some Johnny Walker at dinner. He basically went on a bender. While he didn't punch any walls or start any fights, he was obviously drunk.

Meanwhile Kourtney Kardashian was home worrying about him. She didn't want him to go in the first place, and she was nervous about what would happen. When she finally got a hold of him in Vegas, he told her everyone else was there to party, but he was taking it easy. If that was his idea of easy, then he's sicker than we thought.

The worst part was him lying to Kourtney, especially when he arrived home. He even tried to convince her that she owed him an apology for doubting him. I wanted her to slap the smug smile off of his face so bad, but of course she didn't. She just smiled and giggled at him as always.

The guy is bad news and has no redeeming qualities nor hints of any. He may be an alcoholic, which I know is a disease, but he's also slimy, crude, and not even funny. I was starting to soften my stance this season that Kourtney needs to run far and fast as he's at least behaved himself for the past year, but after tonight, forget it. He hasn't changed, and perhaps never will. 

I hate to see families split up, but in this case, it seems Kourtney and Mason would be so much better off without him until he proves that he really has changed ... if he ever can. 

Were you surprised to see Scott Disick partying it up in Vegas? Do you think Kourtney should leave him?

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