Behold the 'I Love Lucy' Life Lessons Still Relevant Today (VIDEO)

I love lucy singing friendshipI Love Lucy truly was a show that deserves the recognition of being one of the best of all time. Yes, we love Lucy and Desi and their great love story, but it's also about her relationship with her best friend.

Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz were the Laverne & Shirley of the generation before them. They were the Cagney & Lacey. The Charlie's Angels. Even the Sex and the City ladies. There were major female characters, strong and beautiful, with their own lives and own desires and dreams, and their own wacky antics. And in the 1950s that was a big step for women.


She does remind me of my Aunt Tena, a very influential woman in my own life, who I used to watch re-runs of I Love Lucy with. A fiery redhead with a pretty mouth of lipstick who said things like "You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."

So true.

In reading over 20 of the best Lucille Ball quotes I remember how amazing the woman was behind Lucy, the character we saw on TV. She would have been 100 years old today. And she still inspires me.

Women aren't respected much in the comedy world. A sad truth. But Lucille Ball was and still is. And it's because of what she did and was able to do on TV. 

Like the great candy factory episode where Lucy and Ethel are working the conveyor belt and they have to package the candy as it came through. They get their pace going but then it speeds up and to keep up they start shoving the candies in their mouth, down their shirts, and in that ridiculous baker's hat they had to wear. Hilarious!

And we can't forget how Lucy's pregnancy was written into the show, which also included a birth scene.

Or even in this episode below where the Lucy and Ethel sing "Friendship." It makes me realize how important female relationships are.

Even Google memorialized her in their doodle logo that you can play and see snippets of episodes which I just might spend a good part of today watching to get even more life lessons. This is one where she felt like a failure as a woman, but learned to go on and find humor in it.

i love lucy google doodle

Happy 100th birthday wherever you are, Lucy! 

What memories do you have of the I Love Lucy show?


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