Ashley Hebert Should NOT Have Let Ben Flajnik Propose

Ben Flajnik Ashley Hebert proposal
Ben Flajnik's proposal to Ashley Hebert
I don't know how you Bachelor and Bachelorette fans do it. As a first timer to the show, I found The Bachelorette 7 finale to be completely excruciating -- and not in a good way. It was hard enough to watch the severe mindf*cks that occurred throughout the long weeks of that show -- but god help you if you are actually the bachelorette, Ashley Hebert in this case. Or even worse, one of the men or women "in waiting," in which case you have a 1 in 25 chance of having your heart and ego publicly obliterated.

During the finale, I have to tell you that I felt physically ill. Just knowing Ashley was lying or faking it with one of the contenders at this point in the game made me want to hurl. It was awful. But worse than anything was Ashley's rejection of Ben Flajnik AFTER letting him propose. Horrifying.


I thought the whole stomach-turning Bentley ruse was mean and disgusting enough -- how the producers let Hebert walk straight into a player trap so crappy, there was no way she'd come out smelling like a rose (pun intended). They straight threw her heart under a bus, and I'm ashamed to say I kept watching, just like they hoped I would. And then it just kept getting worse.

Week after week, I couldn't stand watching Ashley tell the cameras how and why every guy on there was the man of her dreams in that creepily concocted way so we never had any idea which were her real feelings. Ick! I try to live a very emotionally authentic life as much as possible, and going along on this show's emotional bender was really messing with me.

Of course, what took the cake (not the wedding cake unfortunately; more like the giant turd cake) was when Ashley let Ben come down those stairs, all confident and eager and sweaty and raring to go, and she LET HIM get down on one knee and deliver an entire heartfelt marriage proposal before pulling him back to his feet and dumping him. It was an ego blow no one should have to or want to watch. Thankfully, I DVR'd the finale so I could totally zoom through that part because it hurt so badly. And I was only watching. Poor Ben.

Yeah, yeah, they all know what they're signing up for, it's reality TV, blah blah -- well, if that's your bottom line, then I'm sorry, you're just a sadist.

I think I'm done with The Bachelor/Bachelorette shows. One season was enough. I just can't take it. Call me weak or wimpy or ridiculous or whatever, but all that heart ripping and crushing and knifing and hacking to bits. No, thank you.

Are you able to handle watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette heartbreak?


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