'Bachelorette' Finale Recap: Ashley Hebert Made Wrong Choice

The season finale of The Bachelorette held little surprise. True to what most of us expected, Ashley Hebert chose JP as her soul mate and (now) fiance. From the beginning, we knew she would choose wrong, and look, she did!

I am sorry to say it since I do think JP is a wonderful guy and he is certainly sexy, but there were more than a few warning signs and red flags that told me (and Ashley's sister!) that he was the wrong guy for Ashley.

Sometimes no matter how incredible a person seems or how much you want to like them, the chemistry is just wrong.


Ashley can't judge character: Let us recall that Ashley also fell in love with Brad Womack and Bentley Williams. This isn't a woman who makes sound, reasonable decisions about the men in her life. Maybe it stems from her own rocky relationship with her dad (he was an addict) or maybe it's just insecurity, but either way, choosing men isn't her forte.

Ashley's sister didn't approve: Yes, her sister came around in the After the Final Rose special, but the fact remains, her first instinct was discomfort. She sensed something was amiss and that's an instinct I would trust.

She seems doubtful: When she talks about her relationship with JP, she always looks a little confused and her voice inflection goes up as if she is seeking approval. She DID seem more herself with Ben and more comfortable.

She can't say he makes her laugh: There is one thing that matters in marriage more than anything else: laughter. Seriously, it's what separates the good marriages from the bad. If we had nothing else, my husband and I could make it another lifetime just on laughter alone. And yet Ashley can't say JP makes her laugh? The only time she laughs is when she makes herself laugh?

She is moving for him: Fine, his career is more established and he is older, and hell, New York City is the best place in the country, but come on. Wasn't her whole shtick that she was so career driven and wanted to finish dental school? How does that work? It seems like she is putting all her eggs in one basket and we all know how that one turns out.

It was an interesting season. I believed this despite many saying it was the most boring season ever. Still, I don't really see JP and Ashley making it over the long haul. Any time your theme song is "I Can't Fight This Feeling," you know you're in trouble.

Do you think they will make it?


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