'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: The Naughty & the Nice

Melissa and Joe GorgaChristmas finally (and blessedly) came to an end on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Most of it was just a garish display of wealth (or perhaps feigned wealth in one case) as the families feasted and opened endless streams of lavish gifts, but there were actually a few sweet and sentimental moments sprinkled in as well. It was Jesus's birthday after all; you'd hope there would be a few.

What there wasn't any of was sex in the Gorga house. After showering his wife with a gold Rolex, Louis Vuitton luggage, her own recording studio, and more, Joe Gorga thought he might get a little present as well. Melissa quickly shot down his advances though because ... (say it with me) it was Jesus's birthday. Huh, never heard that one.


As for rest of the show, it was pretty much a snooze, but here are a few of the best naughty and nice moments from the families' Christmas celebrations:

Naughty -- Teresa Giudice trying to blame Kathy for taking her brother Joe away from her on Christmas Eve. He's a big boy, and he could have just said no to his cousin ... just like he did to Teresa, even after she showed him the plate she set for him.

Nice -- The Manzo family in general. Sure they're a bit corny, but they have so much fun together, and their matching bracelets aren't that cheesy. Albert proposing to Caroline again (and presenting her with a huge honking diamond ring) at the very spot he proposed the first time was really sweet. I hope Alexa Ray Joel (daughter of Billy Joel) watched the episode, because it certainly shows that Albi (who is smitten with her) comes from good romantic stock.

Naughty -- Joe Giudice and pretty much his every move. From calling Melissa "raccoon face" and "witch" without much discretion, to totally grunting his lazy ass through Christmas morning with his daughters, he was a grinch. Teresa didn't seem so pleased with the gloves and coat he gave her either. "So I have no diamonds this year, huh?" she asked with more than a little disappointment.

Nice -- The Wakile kids -- Victoria, 17, and Joseph, 15, who saved up their allowances to buy their mom a laptop for her new business. Not only that, they wrote her sweet letters voicing their love and support. Oh, and Rich is a total dead ringer for Jeff Goldblum.

Naughty -- Jacqueline Laurita's daughter, Ashley. What a brat! She didn't buy her mom or dad anything for Christmas; she didn't even make a card. Her defense: "I know I probably should have gotten them something but … whatever." I'd so like to pull her hair.

Ho, ho, hopefully, New Year's Eve will prove a little more interesting next week at the Manzos' big bash. The Gorgas and the Wakiles are both invited, which might be good for at least a thrown drink or two.

With which family would you have most liked to celebrate Christmas?

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