'Bachelor' Elizabeth Kitt Proves Third Shot At Love Not So Charming

Poor Elizabeth Kitt cannot pick a man to save her life. She became famous on The Bachelor for trying to lure Jake Pavelka with her "no kissing" rule. That failed. Then she tried to lure Jesse Kovacs during last Summer's Bachelor Pad and he used her to try to win and then dumped her. So, that failed, too.

Now, she claims it is all over. She has found love with a TV producer she met on Match.com and they are so happy and so in love, she is actually blogging for Match about this relationship with the tagline: "I didn't find love on the Bachelor but I did find love on Match.com."

Awww...  If only it were that cute. Unfortunately, Joshua Rowley, the sexy new boyfriend is featured on another website -- cheaterville.com -- where women who have been cheated on can out the men who did it.


On July 13, one woman said:

OMG@! He is on match.com and he said that he was 'tired of the scene and wanted to fall in love' what a stupid PIG I'm so sick of these guys who know how to say all the right things but act however they want!! I wonder how many other girls he said would be perfect on the towel right next to him on the beach. MAN WHORE!

On another recent date, someone said:

Wow rowdy Rowley is on here...what a shocker. This loser is always trolling the bars in Hermosa hitting on all the hostess hoes. Haha enjoy your 15 minutes of fame big man you earned it.

Ouch. It could be true. It could be a lie. But one thing that is definitely true is that Kitt cannot pick a man so if other people say he's a cheater, then he probably is.

Alas, we will not be seeing Kitt on the Bachelor Pad that starts August 8, but if I had to put money on it, I say they are both single again before the premiere even airs.

Do you think the guy is a cheater?


Image via ABC

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