Alex Trebek Puts Himself in Jeopardy! (VIDEO)

Lucinda Moyers
Lucinda Moyers
Answer: NO! Question: Should aging game show hosts sprint after burglars in the thick of the night? But that's just what Jeopardy host Alex Trebek did when he saw a thief enter his San Francisco hotel room earlier this week.

He was in town for the National Geographic World Championship, staying at a local Marriott hotel. He woke up to sounds in his room around 3 a.m. (freaky), and realized someone was going through his things. After putting his underwear on (my favorite part of this story), he gave chase.

Unfortunately, his bad ass move didn't end so well.


While in pursuit, he snapped his Achilles tendon, and is currently on crutches. He's having surgery on Friday and will have to sport a cast for six weeks. Also, unfortunately, he didn't get all of his stuff back. Still missing -- some cash and a bracelet his mother gave him.

Here he describes the ordeal in his own words:

Brave and a little surprising from our favorite buttoned-up game show host, yes, but not so smart either. The thief could have had a gun, knife, or any number of other weapons; and he is 70. Calling security would have been a safer option, though the intruder was a 56-year-old woman -- one Lucinda Moyers -- so perhaps he realized that at the time and thought he could take her. 

My biggest question is how the woman got in the room in the first place -- didn't he use that security bar thing all hotels have, or are those not as safe as I'd like to believe?

In any case, Alex said he's not holding the incident against San Francisco, and that crime can happen anywhere. Get well soon ... but next time take Leave It to the Authorities for $1,000, Alex

Are you surprised that Alex Trebek would try to chase down a thief?

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