'Real Housewives of New York' Make Bethenny Frankel Look Even Smarter

Bethenny Frankel By now you've probably heard about the major brawl that happened on The Real Housewives of New York reunion last night. It was brutal, and also a glaring testament to just how brilliant Bethenny Frankel was for bidding the toxic group adieu.

I don't know Bethenny well -- though we have chatted previously, and I'm pretty sure we'd be BFFs if we ever met in person -- but I like to imagine her watching last night's train wreck, yelling at the screen with an occasional biting comment or sarcastic slam, while she rolled around in a big pile of money and I told you so. I have to think that she found great satisfaction in the fact that while all the other women were being slammed for their outrageous and childish behavior last night (and all season really), she's in the headlines for her new skincare line.


Yes, Skinnygirl margaritas and cocktails (acquired for an estimated $120 million) have led her to this next business venture, and it sounds like one with a lot of potential -- everything from face to body lotions, all under $15. Yes, please. This month, she also launched Skinnygirl sangria and a new Skinnygirl shapewear line, and her third book A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life is selling like hotcakes. 

No wonder Jill Zarin is scared of her -- she's a force to be reckoned with for sure. And note to Kelly Bensimon: Her brilliance goes a little beyond just using the word "skinny." While some of the other women have launched product lines as well (Ramona Pinot Grigio, anyone?), the difference is that Bethenny has been a businesswoman from the get-go and joined the show for business reasons -- not because she was a fame-hungry socialite with nothing better to do. Frankel recently told CNN:

I joined the cast of Real Housewives exclusively for business. I had a column in Health magazine and was a spokesperson for Pepperidge Farm. But I wanted to build a large national audience for my Skinnygirl brand.

Smart girl. Oh sure it got a bit personal with Jill and all, but for the most part, Bethenny went in with a mission, achieved it and more, and left the rest of the Housewives sputtering and spewing expletives in her dust. No wonder they're all still obsessed with her. She knew when it was time to get out, and last night just had to confirm even further how right she was about that.

Do you admire Bethenny Frankel as a businesswoman? Do you/will you buy any of her products?

Image via andrewwtodd/Flickr

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