15 Reasons Why 'The Bachelorette' Can't Snag Herself a Husband

ashley herbert the bacheloretteIf you've been watching this season of The Bachelorette, you know that Ashley Herbert is having a hard time getting the men to stick around. And that doesn't fare so well for the viewers. (Last night's rose ceremony with two roses and two men was about as suspenseful as making toast.) It doesn't make sense that she's having so much trouble; minus her annoying habit of pursing her lips in every scene, Ashley seems like a decent catch. She's pretty, has a great body, and seems smart and down to earth, if not a bit confused in the love department (and who isn't?). But if she keeps this up, there's not going to be anyone left in the end!

Here are 15 reasons which could explain why the Bachelorette can't snag herself a husband ...


15. Ashley had slim pickings to begin with. Is it just me, or is there an astounding amount of bland guys on this season? Blake, Nick, William, a Greek guy who owns an Italian restaurant diner ... none of these guys really did it for me (or Ashley apparently).

14. Despite no longer being in high school, she's still hung up on unattainable bad boys. Speaking of which, someone give that woman a Bentley-lobotomy.

13. Because, as she said herself, Ashley is only attracted to the hunky, caveman type (which explains how the twins, Ben and Constantine, made it to the end). And the pool of hunky caveman types is only so large.

12. So she says she clearly has a type (see above), but then somehow shaved-head JP makes it into the mix. She doesn't know what she wants!

11. Have we all forgotten this woman was once allegedly in love with a certain Brad Womack? That's a deal-breaker right there.

10. Ashley let really wonderful guys go home. One guy in particular comes to mind: Ames. *Sigh.*

9. It rains way too much to have a decent, dry date. Seriously, ABC, is there any country not in a rainy season you could take them to?

8. Ashley's BS meter isn't functioning correctly. There's no other way to explain having no idea that Constantine wasn't into her. The rest of us could tell he was just there to get air time for his big fat Italian diner. Why couldn't she?

7. There's been no input from friends or family members as is typical at this point in the show. Perhaps an early intervention would have been helpful in steering Ashley back on track toward the guys who are there for the right reasons (Ames!).

6. ABC insists on letting former jerks back on the show to distract her. For the love of all that's real and authentic in the world, what will it take to get rid of Ryan?

5. She's far too hung up on attention from guys and not enough on the qualities that would make them a good partner.

4. Ashley, please girl, ditch the baby talk voice.

3. Lame, lame dates. Painting smiley faces on umbrellas. Thai boxing. Roller skating. Pretend wedding photos. THE ROAST? Get it together, ABC producers!

2. Ashley is way too insecure to be on reality TV. It's too painful to watch, can you imagine being there in person?

1. Because the whole premise of snagging a husband on a reality TV show is stupid to begin with. But that's a whole different post ...

Why do you think Ashley is having such a hard time this season?


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