'Bachelorette' Ryan Gunning to Be the New Jake Pavelka

Monday night on The Bachelorette, Ryan, who was eliminated a couple episodes ago, showed up in Fiji to try to get back on the show. It's an old move, one several past contestants have tried on other Bachelors and Bachelorettes, and usually it's a sign from ABC that we are looking at the next Bachelor

The show likes to try to convince us that these bereft cheeseballs flew across the world on their volition to try to win back the man or woman they knew for about three weeks in highly charged and falsely romantic circumstances. I mean, what's not to believe?

In Ryan's case, he went home, worked constantly, and yet still couldn't stop thinking of Ashley. Even if you could suspend disbelief enough to believe this madness, it's still a move that has proven unsuccessful over and over.


Consider for a moment, though, who has pulled these moves in the past. Ali Fedotowsky tried it with Jake Pavelka and failed. Jake Pavelka tried it with Jillian Harris and guess what? Both became the Bachelor and Bachelorette.

Ryan really is the new Jake Pavelka. They both look a little alike -- the blond hair, the chiseled features. But they're also alike in attitude. Jake always struck me as slightly unhinged, like a soda bottle someone shook too long. Open the top and boom! It explodes.

The guy was actually quite frightening, and when he lost his "hey, I am just a sweet guy who is always being abused" falseness, he was really quite scary. It's easy to see how people accused him of being a colossal jerk. He seems like one of those guys who always thinks he is the nice guy when actually he is the biggest ass of all.

Ryan has that same frenetic energy. Maybe he isn't as unhinged, but he still is one of those guys who falls hard and (too) fast. When will they learn that kind of behavior -- vaguely stalkerish, always positive, obsessively "in love" all the time -- is actually a major, MAJOR turn-off?

Predictably, Ashley sent him packing, but I am betting we haven't seen the last of Ryan. Mark my words.

Do you think Jake and Ryan are similar?

Image via ABC

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