'The Bachelorette' Recap: Why Does No One Want Ashley Hebert's Roses?

It must be some kind of record on The Bachelorette. Ashley Hebert is the most dumped bachelor or bachelorette of all time. How many times can one contestant get publicly humiliated before she walks out herself?

For someone who was initially so weak, Ashley took this latest dumping by Constantine rather well. Maybe that is because she had Ryan flying all around the world to see her, but still, Constantine used her for a nice date and then dumped her before the fantasy suite. Ouch.

The fact is, the show is like real life in that it's supposed to be up to both parties. Note they say, "Will you accept this rose?" not "Here's your rose, SLAVE!"


And while it's true that everyone has their chance to back out, very few have on past shows. In fact, Ashley may have lapped them all by losing two bachelors in humiliating ways (they dumped her) and one (William) in a very public tear-down that he meant as a joke but came off as downright cruel.

Poor Ashley.

It makes me wonder what she does in between takes that is so egregiously unattractive to men. She is perfectly cute, just as cute as any of the past contestants. Her body is smokin' hot and she seems perky, bubbly, and smart as well, so what gives? Why do men run from her and mock her like she is a sea hag?

Whatever it is, I feel bad for her. Once she sees the edited footage from her season (which one would assume she is doing now), she will realize how foolish she looks. But she should take heart. To me, she seems sincere and genuine, like someone I would choose as a friend. She may not have 8 million men falling at her feet, but all she really needs is one.

As bad as things seem for her and as much as she is kind of the least wanted bachelorette in the show's history, at least she knows a few of the guys fell for her. In the end, if there is one she loves, then all the rest was worth it, right?

Do you think she is making a fool of herself?


Image via ABC

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