'Breaking Bad' Recap: What's With Hank's Rocks?

I have a couple burning questions about tonight's Breaking Bad, but could we please start with Hank and his newfound obsession with Internet-ordered rocks—or as he likes to angrily correct Marie, his minerals?

At first I thought it was a healing crystal thing, and then I figured it was just sort of a weird distraction from his current bleak state of affairs, but now I'm starting to wonder if there's a connection between the minerals and the blue meth case he was pursuing. Is his growing rock—er, mineral—collection going to eventually follow some chemical bread-crumb trail back to Walt?

(And is Marie ever going to erupt all over his sullen ass for taking out all his bitterness and self-loathing on her?)


Oh, and who was it that called Walt's phone when he was creeping over to Gus's house? I say it was Gus himself who calmly stated, "Go home, Walter," but my husband thought it might have been Mike. You know, Mike, the guy who later kicked Walt's ass all to hell and back for daring to suggest that they team up.

This week's episode wasn't exactly an edge-of-your seater with all sorts of major plot twists, but I think it did a great job of showing us what's going on with Walt and Jesse. Walt's in a slow burn, trying to work up the nerve to kill Gus, and foolishly attempting to create an alliance with Mike along the way. (Mike clearly has his own complicated thought processes going on, but it's hardly a surprise he didn't clap his hands and squeal over the opportunity to get Walt, Mr. Can't Hide a Gun for Shit, "alone in a room" with Gus.)

Meanwhile, Jesse's doing his level best to drown out the noise in his own head—quite literally, it would seem—and man, he is killing these scenes where we get a wordless glimpse into his personal hell. The end of the show where he sits in front of that giant subwoofer thing and just sort of ... succumbs to his thoughts? Damn. Give this man an Emmy, stat.

There were a lot of little things to like about this episode, like the opening scene with Jim Beaver, whose drawling yet oddly formal colloquialisms were straight out of Coen Brothers' script (or maybe he was just playing Ellsworth from Deadwood again?). Oh, and the return of Badger and Skinny Pete, whose characters we always seem to get just the right amount of. Like Saul, they're a special Breaking Bad condiment that often helps a despair-heavy episode go down a little easier.

So what's going to happen with Walt and his hit man fantasies? Do you think he's going to soldier on with trying to make his move against Gus, or did Mike change his mind? 

What do you think, BB fans? Any theories as to what the weeks ahead will bring?

Image via AMC

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