5 Reasons Kristin Cavallari Is Better Off Without Jay Cutler

Kristin CavallariAfter breaking plenty of hearts herself, reality television vixen Kristin Cavallari is reportedly nursing a broken one of her own after her fiance, Jay Cutler, quarterback for the Chicago Bears, broke off their engagement this weekend. While they were trotting quickly toward the aisle after meeting just 10 months ago, things have come to a screeching halt.

Sources told People it was his doing and that, "she got dumped." She reportedly is "devastated" but isn't sitting home drowning her sorrows in bonbons. Instead she was seen out last night at a Los Angles nightclub with Nicky Hilton and model Alessandra Ambrosio but without the big old 5.2 carat engagement ring Cutler had given her -- a clear sign to the world that they're dunzo. Which isn't such a bad thing.


Though I feel bad for any bride who gets the boot after so much planning -- they had an engagement party last week, and she had even registered for oven mitts -- in this case, it's for the best. It may be painful for her now, but in the long run, the two just don't belong together. Here are five reasons Kristin Cavallari is better off without Jay Cutler:

1. Jay Cutler is boring. We're so over the whole actress-baller romance. The breakup prevents her from becoming another boring cliche with a boring jock.

2. Marriage was making her boring. Uh, did you see her wedding registry that includes the aforementioned potholders? Enough said.

3. This breakup provides great fodder for a new reality show -- dumped bride, more wild dating escapades, more of the tough, take charge Kristen we know and love instead of some sappy newlywed. Bring it on.

4. There's still a chance for her and Brody Jenner to end up together. I know he's with Avril Lavigne currently, but I still think Kristin and Brody are made for one another. And seriously, Cutler cannot hold a candle to Jenner's hotness.

5. Chicago is no Laguna Beach. She's a California girl, and she's was going to have to move to the Windy City to follow Cutler. While Chicago is an incredible city, it's also incredibly cold. She's better off where it's warm and provides more opps to strut her stuff in a bikini.

Are you glad to see Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler break off their engagement?

Image via nick step/Flickr

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