'Breaking Bad' Recap: Things Are About to Get (Even More) Ugly

ARE YOU GUYS READY TO TALK ABOUT SOME BREAKING BAD? Look, I'm sorry for busting a caps lock in your ass, but I am A LITTLE EXCITED. I've only been waiting for the Breaking Bad season 4 premiere for, like, a thousand million months now. Thanks to AMC, I even re-watched season 3 over the last several weeks, culminating with that did-he-or-didn't-he scene at Gale's apartment.

Let's get into the spoilers, shall we? First things first: after watching the season 3 finale (twice!), I was positive Jesse had found himself unable to kill Gale. While it wasn't easy to tell if the POV changed or if Jesse turned the gun, I had a very specific idea of what the season 4 premiere would open with—Gale, gasping but alive; Jesse, slinking away to tell Walt he couldn't do the deed; the teapot, whistling away dramatically with a bullet hole in its side.

I was right about one of those things, but while the teapot was sporting a hole, so was Gale's skull. Oh, lovable, nerdy, exotic-music-listening Gale.


So Jesse and Walt get hauled off to the lab, while Mike (who had the best television monologue of ALL TIME in season 3, just try and tell me I'm wrong on this) keeps watch over them and starts getting visibly nervous about Gus's impending reaction. Which, hello, it's MIKE, so you know if he's worried, some serious shit's about to go down.

Walt starts demanding that he and Jesse be allowed to cook (and thus not be killed), since Gus's only other meth-chef has had his brains splattered all over the place, when suddenly the previously-silent Victor springs into action and starts up his own batch because while he was doing all that deadpan creepy staring, he was, like, ABSORBING KNOWLEDGE, yo. Points for the unexpected on that plot twist—and extra points for the subsequent gasp-worthy scene when Gus, without a word, hacks Victor's neck wide open with a box cutter.

If it wasn't crystal (ha!) clear before what kind of control Gus wields over Walt and Jesse, fiercely-loyal Victor's neck geysering like a fire hydrant sure drives it home.

To me, one of the main reasons Breaking Bad has been such a powerful show is the way we've seen a good man slowly lose everything in his desperate, ironic quest to care for that which is most important to him. His character has, bit by bit, become irretrievably damned by the things he's done (that horrific scene in season 2 with Jesse's girlfriend seemed to mark a point of no return for Walt, don't you think?). Now he's no longer the person he used to be. Where will season 4 take us with this new Walt, whose personal hell just keeps getting deeper?

I have some guesses. I think he'll try and save Jesse. I think he'll decide he needs to kill Gus. I think Mike may turn on Gus. I think someone, maybe Gus, will tip off Hank as to who's to blame for his current state of physical and mental despair. I think Walt's rock bottom has a long way to go, and I'm going to be tuning in for every superbly crafted, devastating scene.

What did you think of the Breaking Bad season premiere?

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