Justin Timberlake Teases Us With a Hip Hop Comeback (VIDEO)

justin timberlake jimmy fallonJustin Randall Timberlake, you're too good. You know how to give us, your adoring fans, exactly what we're looking for. There I was last night, kneeling in prayer alongside my bed, hoping that soon we'd get some new music from Mr. "Senorita" himself. And either the stars aligned or our souls fell in sync (pun intended) -- because my prayers were finally answered. And even better, alongside Jimmy Fallon and The Roots!

You see, last night JT stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to shoot the breeze. So you can imagine my excitement when he did a whole lot more than talk about his latest movie, Friends With Benefits. Yup, he performed. And he rapped! And even did a little beat-boxing!

My friends, I bring you Justin's (and Jimmy's) newest track, "History of Rap Part 2":


Amazing. Just amazing. He's such a natural, don't you agree? And that choreography! I swoon!

What I love about Justin is that he's truly made a successful transition from baggy-pants-wearing boy band member, circa 1995, to handsome actor/performer/comedian extraordinaire. Really, Justin doesn't just have an excellent sense of humor ("D*ck in a Box," anyone?), but he also has genuine vocal talent. And let me tell you something, that talent is sexy.

On a real note: Performances like this really do make me crave some genuine music from Mr. Timberlake in the near future. I get it, he's busy doing the whole actor/ MySpace owner/funnyman gig. But honestly -- if the talent's there, then don't let it go to waste, my man!

Check out Timberlake and Fallon's original "History of Rap" video.

What do you think of Justin and Jimmy's duet?


Image via NBC

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