Kristin Cavallari: From Reality Show Vixen to Boring Housewife

Kristin Cavallari bikini hot tub
Kristin Cavallari
Remember when Kristin Cavallari was a totally bad-ass, no-nonsense player of young boys' hearts on MTV's Laguna Beach? Damn, she was good -- and frankly, refreshing and inspiring. Well, unfortunately, now that Cavallari has that ring on her finger from fiance and Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, she's turning into some kind of totally traditional housewife.

How do we know? All we had to do is check out her totally boring wedding registry.


Even as a married woman in my 30s, I was completely envious of Cavallari's early ability to rip boys' hearts out of their chests and leave them beating in the sand on Laguna Beach. I mean, all high school girls should tear a page out of that girl's handbook to handling high school boys. She always seemed to be having a good time and always came out on top. Not exactly the typical high school girl story. But alas, all good things must come to an end.

We definitely saw the beginnings of Cavallari's descent from her throne atop of a pile of lovesick dude remains when she came on The Hills. While she was "cast" as the heartless man-eating bitch again, she clearly fell for ladykiller Brody Jenner and then Audrina's ex -- the slimy, skeevy Justin Bobby -- and got her heart broken. Totally awful and depressing to watch. It was a lot more fun when we could pretend there was at least one ruthless woman among all those male players on the reality show circuit.

And now, with her wedding registries out there for the world to see, the truth about Cavallari's secret homemaker heart can no longer be denied. I think she's been a sheep in wolves' clothing all this time or at least being portrayed that way to us on TV.

Cavallari and Cutler are registered at Williams-Sonoma and Crate & Barrel, and here are some of the items that made their registry.

  • Muffin and cake pans, pie dishes, and mixing bowls
  • A rolling pin
  • A salad spinner
  • A sausage stuffer kit
  • A teabag resting plate shaped like a teapot
  • Oven mitts

Good god, Kristin, oven mitts!

Um, are we sure this is the wedding registry of former party girl Kristin Cavallari? I mean, I know that party girls gotta grow up sometime, but does that mean she also has to turn into a traditional cooking, baking wife, too? Oh hell, maybe it's a good thing.

Maybe party girl and man crusher life isn't all that fun or inspiring after all. Maybe a life full of love and baked goods is all any of us really want. And heck, maybe Cutler is the master chef wannabe and not Cavallari after all. How sexist of me to assume! Maybe Jay's going to be spinning Kristin's salads and making her some seriously spicy sausage in the near future. That's sure a lot of fun to think about. Word to the happy couple and all the future action in their newlywed kitchen!

Do you think Kristin Cavallari is becoming boring?


Image via MTV

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