'Real Housewives' vs. 'Big Rich Texas': Which Is Better?

Big Rich TexasEver since The Real Housewives of Orange County launched what would become the television sensation franchise it is today, I've been waiting for Bravo to venture down south to Texas. There's just so much potential down there, it seems like a natural fit, but Andy Cohen and the gang may be too late to the rodeo. Last night Big Rich Texas launched on the Style Network, and like all things in Texas, the drama was BIG right out of the gate.

Already they're taunting the Real Housewives and trying to trump them at their own game ... and they just may do it. One of the show's stars, Bonnie Blossman (aka Botox Bonnie), told E! Online the Texas ladies are "better than that." If by better she means crazier, crasser, and all out more unbelievable than the Real Housewives, she just might be right ... as impossible as that may seem.


The show revolves around a country club, which is brilliant, as it gives them a central meeting ground without having to arrange random lunches and made-up parties all the time. They have plenty of opportunities right there for drama on the tennis court, with hot golf instructors, at the pool, in the locker room, and in the nitty gritty of country club politics -- a serious business in Texas. So score one for Texas with the country club backdrop.

Also, as much as the Botoxed and blinged-out mothers play a role in the show, their daughters are right there beside them bringing all the teen drama as well. From a purse full of condoms to one little darling with "the 'C' word" tattooed on her foot (you can guess how well that went over at the hoity toity club), they brought it like none of the housewives' kids have been able to do with any longevity. (Avery's essay about how wonderful her mom Ramona Singer is just can't compete.) So the daughters are definitely another big point in favor of Texas, and the fact that their moms bribe them to get good grades with potential boob jobs is worth at least another one.

The ladies grabbed asses (Enrique the tennis instructor), fought, called each other names, and got wasted -- all in the first episode. It was entertaining to say the least, but that's exactly what it feels designed to do -- be entertaining. While the Real Housewives have gotten to feel progressively more scripted over the years, this one feels as fake as the boobs on the women. The fact that Pam Martin and her daughter Hannah were also on Dallas Divas & Daughters makes it feel even more like these women are all just actresses. Of course, that could be because most of them are former pageant queens. Another score for Big Rich Texas: Aging pageant queens!

I don't know. I love my Real Housewives, but it's a good thing that they don't air at the same time (Big Rich Texas comes on at 9 p.m. and Real Housewives of New Jersey comes on at 10 p.m.) and that I have a DVR, because if I had to choose between the two ... I just don't know.

Did you watch Big Rich Texas? Which do you think is better: Big Rich Texas or Real Housewives, and why?

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