'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Rob Slams Scott Disick

Rob KardashianWhile the rest of the Kardashian klan seems to have been able to forget all about what a sleazebag Scott Disick has proven to be in the past, there's at least one unlikely holdout who thinks it's too soon to embrace him -- Rob Kardashian. On this week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Rob revealed that the reason he hasn't seen Kourtney or her son, Mason, in months is because he doesn't want to be around Scott.

I don't blame him. Scott is one of the slimiest, most repugnant characters on television in recent memory -- fictional, or nonfictional, or a hybrid of both like the Kardashians. But Rob the party king calling Scott out for being an alcoholic and immature was a little too pot-and-kettle for comfort.


"The reason I don't come over here is because of Scott," Rob told Kourtney, when he finally paid her a visit. "He's an alcoholic! He's a negative person in my life. Show me that you're mature and show me you're mature enough to have a kid with my sister."

I love a protective brother and all, but maturity isn't actually his strong suit, and it makes me wonder about the real reason he and Disick are on the outs. He said they haven't really spoken since the whole Miami mirror-punching incident, but I find that hard to believe, especially since they were pictured taking a trip to Australia together in April. It also follows a little closely to last week's episode in which Kris Jenner was trying to push Kourtney and Scott down the aisle.

Seeing as how the other plot line of this episode involved the fascinating subject of Bruce Jenner's hearing -- or lack thereof -- I'm guessing they were scrounging for a plot line. Rob's bout with appendicitis was just not enough drama to fill 30 whole minutes, and he gets the least amount of media attention, so bring on a little Scott-bashing drama?

I'm typically ready to jump on that bandwagon anytime, but in the case of Rob when he hasn't even been around to see if Scott has changed, he needs to have a little more faith in Kourtney and stop throwing stones from his own glass house. And really, it would be nice if they'd get around to the whole Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian romance/engagement, since that's what we're all watching this season to see.

As for Bruce's hearing -- it all came down to the fact that he was really just ignoring Kris Jenner because she's so annoying. Him telling her that yes indeed she is that bad and a nag was awesome. His hair is not.

What did you think of Rob calling out Scott Disick for being an alcoholic?

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