50 Something Actor & Child Bride to Star in Latest Creepy Reality Show (VIDEO)

Doug Hutchinson Courtney Alexis Stodden
Courtney Stodden & husband Doug Hutchison
Well, apparently marrying an adolescent girl wasn't creepy enough for totally effed-in-the-head Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison, 51, who married a 16-year-old girl named Courtney Stodden in May. Oh no, now the couple has stepped out publicly to "tell their side of the story" of this freakfest they're calling a marriage. Hey, Doug, no matter how many ways you tell it or have your brainwashed child wife concur, it's wrong and weird and you're screwed up in the head.

Or is Hutchison just a poor delusional pedophile (come on now) being brainwashed in some freakish child bride scam here? It's really hard not to question Stodden's true motives (or those of her weird parents who are totally supportive of this union; her mom actually suggested it!) in entering this marriage as a minor to a man older than her father. Especially now that the couple reveals they are in talks for a new freak reality show.


Maybe there is something to the public scrutiny that questioned whether or not Stodden, a wannabe YouTube singing star, is using Hutchison for his fame and connections. Obviously, she's still a child who can't possibly understand the repercussions or see that she's being victimized, of course, so her parents are totally responsible (and awful) if this is the case. Not sure how well the "scam" is working out for everyone, though, since Hutchison's agent and manager both dropped him after getting word on his freaky marriage to a kid. In other words, I'm not sure Hutchison's "star power" is worth a heck of a lot these days.

Then again, the couple revealed in today's Good Morning America interview that they are being courted to do a reality TV show (surprise, surprise) about their "completely natural" marriage. So maybe the girl (or more likely, her money-grubbing parents) are onto something. Something like Let's git some moneez for making our kid sleep with an old man. Yeah, something like that.

WATCH Hutchinson and Stodden "tell their side" on GMA:

(NOTE: What is Courtney doing with her mouth around 4:50? Practicing her sex kitten looks for her next music video? That is really odd behavior.)

Does this newest installment on the Hutchison/Stodden marriage freak you out? Or do you believe they're in love and it'll all be okay.


Image via ABC

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