'X Factor' Sneak Peek Has Me Crushing on Simon Cowell (VIDEO)

x factor simon cowell

If you were to ask me three years ago if I thought Simon Cowell was attractive, I would have said only with my eyes closed. Blame it on the accent, will you, the X Factor producer visually isn't my average cup of tea. However, after watching the former American Idol judge on the latest sneak peek for the U.S. premiere of X Factor, set for Wednesday, September 21 on FOX, I'm singing a different tune. Yup, I'm gonna go there: Simon. Looks. Goooooood.

Before you get all "OMG HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT?!" on me, watch the X Factor preview for yourself:


At the beginning, we get this slight glimpse of how sweet Simon could be. But anyone who knows anything about the former Idol dream crusher Simon knows there's gotta be a catch and, of course, there is. The pink sweater, the eco-friendly car ... at this point in the preview, Simon may be at least likable, but he's not crush-worthy.

Then he transforms into his villain self, and I eat it up faster than froyo on a hot summer day. Maybe I've been in a bit of Simon withdrawal and have been longing for some good one-liners. OR, maybe (most likely) what really does it for me is that black sports car. Combine that dark and handsome aura with a pair of Ray-Bans and a British accent, and I assume almost any man with that combination of assets would pique my interest. And well, this time around, it just happens to be the head honcho of FOX's newest series himself.

Either way, after seeing this preview, I'm legitimately excited for the return of the Simon and Paula dynamic to prime-time TV. It's official: The wacky mix of the best of both American Idol and America's Got Talent has me in full-on crush mode.

Will you be watching X Factor this fall?


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