'Bachelorette' Recap: Ashley Hebert Will End Up Alone

Ashley Hebert seems to have a good head on her shoulders. She went to an Ivy League school, she is from my second favorite state in the Union (go Maine!), and she generally seems to be proficient in most things. So why is she such a dolt when it comes to men?

Of the remaining four bachelors, there is honestly not one who I would say is a super catch. Two of them look so much alike, I am STILL not sure who is who (Ben? Constantine?). Then there is JP, the current front runner. I so want to like him, but I so cant.

What kind of guy goes on to a reality show about one woman dating 25 men and then complains that the girl he is dating is dating other men? It seems a little odd and self-destructive, no?

And then there is the little matter of who she lets go.


Lucas made sense, but Ryan? Really? It's not that he was the greatest catch in all the land, but he was easy to tell apart from both Constantine and Ben, which was a huge plus. And also he just seemed kind, cute, positive, and pretty intelligent and ambitious. 

Now, she has four duds left. Granted, Ames is all the things Ryan was (though his sexuality is up for debate), but he just seems kind of dull. Ben and Constantine are the same person. So that leaves only JP. He seems like a good enough guy, but I am starting to realize why Ashley was so into Bentley. There are slim pickings around these parts, it seems.

Yes, Ryan was the guy everyone else hated, but that very rarely means much, especially in a house full of men who were willing to put their careers and lives on hold to find love in a household of dudes all competing for the same woman. I am not sure their opinions hold much water.

Sadly, the person whose opinions DO matter, Ms. Hebert herself, doesn't seem to be making very wise decisions. My guess is that in about six months, give or take a couple, Ashley will be sitting in the same chair as Emily Maynard -- perhaps even during the seventh episode of Emily's stint as the Bachelorette next summer -- talking about her breakup with JP.

The odds aren't in their favor and the way Ashley makes decisions, I would bet $1,000 she ends up alone, at least for the foreseeable future.

Do you think Ashley is making good choices?


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