Emily Maynard Will Be Terrible as ‘The Bachelorette’

emily maynard & brad womack
Will Emily find love as the 'Bachelorette'?
Guys. Emily Maynard, the hot square-jawed Southern blonde mom that "won" Brad Womack's heart on The Bachelor, is, like, probably, maybe definitely, but like totally going to be the next Bachelorette! ABC hasn't confirmed anything yet, but apparently it's a done deal that Em will be back on our favorite show about finding a spouse in a matter of weeks.

Listen, I love Emily. Everyone does! She's super sweet, super nice, super pretty, super perfect, but super, duper boring. Is she just going to smile and nod her way through the season? Is she capable of making out with multiple dudes in one night? And don't get me started on the whole fantasy suite sitch -- what's she gonna do when it's three guys she has to invite over, and not just acquiesce to one? Emily is the wrong choice for The Bachelorette.


She's too ... adept. Well, maybe not entirely adept since she did go on The Bachelor ... but she just seems too down to earth and level-headed to make any sort of reasonable drama for the show. She's going to make all the right choices, she's going to have everyone fall in love with her, and in the end she's going to (and here's where adeptness will kick in) not choose anyone because the whole "process" is a joke.

Emily and Brad are going to sit down with Chris Harrison on Monday, July 11 to talk about their breakup and what went wrong. I really hope we get some dirt, but those two Southern gentle people won't say anything juicy or remotely candid -- it'll be all pleasantries and "it's not your fault, it's mine" type things. And that's how it should be! Just, not on TV. We watch for the dirt, not the decorum.

Knowing The Bachelorette producers, I'm sure they'll bring back Bentley to vie for Em's heart. They know they'll need drama, so they'll totally cast him again and Emily will kick him out and we'll fall in love with her even more. And that will be the most exciting thing all season.

Do you think Emily should be the next Bachelorette?

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