'The Office' With James Spader Will Be Sexy & Sinister

james spaderWhenever someone mentions the name James Spader, I can't help but think of his role as Andrew McCarthy's preppy, elitist, misogynistic a--h*le buddy Steff in Pretty in Pink. Then, I remember how he played the S&M-lovin' creepo in Secretary opposite Maggie Gyllenhaal. OMG, and remember Sex, Lies & Videotape? He's totally been typecast as a major jerk/freak over the past 30-ish years, so it's no wonder he kind of gives me the willies. Now, Spader's replacing Kathy Bates as the CEO of Dunder Mifflin on The Office. He'll reprise his role as salesman extraordinaire Robert California.

Obviously, Spader on The Office is going to change the whole vibe of the show ... for better or worse.


I could see his interpretation of a paper company CEO as 180 degrees from Michael Scott! He'll be a mysterious taskmaster who befuddles the staff with his secretive personality and annoys the hell out of them with his flashy manipulative style and OCD marching orders. 

But the change could completely refresh the show. Make the show SEXIER. Probably sexier in a dark way, as opposed to a John Krasinski-cute way, but that could be even better. We should rest assured that though Spader isn't our beloved Steve Carell, he's a proven Hollywood vet. He'll be able to pull off his new role without a hitch.

What do you think about James Spader joining the cast of The Office?

Image via Evan Agostini/Getty

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