Charlie Sheen Roast Has Been Done to Death Already

charlie sheenIs it just me, or does a roast of Charlie Sheen seem totally redundant? Ever since the guy trashed his Plaza hotel room, chased a naked porn actress around, and went on a crazyfest that got him fired from Two and a Half Men, everyone from Jimmy Fallon to John Stamos has mercilessly mocked him.

What else is there to make fun of? I mean, really! Do we need to give Sheen any more attention than we already have?


Comedy Central says it will air a roast of Sheen at the hands of some of its nastiest and most biting comics. Conveniently, the show will run right after the Two and a Half Men premiere -- the first episode without Charlie, whose character will be killed off.

I'm just wondering where these comedians are going to get any original material.

We've already seen Fallon's spoof commercial for an imaginary cologne called "Winning," where he does a hilarious impression of Sheen in a cloud of cigarette smoke. We've heard Denis Leary compare him to Moammar Kaddafi and Sarah Silverman say she'd think she was a genius too if she hung out with 20-year-old porn stars.

Then there was Ricky Gervais' line in his Golden Globes speech: "Get ready for a night of partying and heavy drinking. Or as Charlie Sheen calls it -- breakfast!"

They could do one-liners about how Sheen's new TV show will be based on the movie Anger Management and his character will be just like Jack Nicholson's. But that will already have been beaten to a pulp on late-night TV by the time their turn comes.

The Sheen roast has already happened, people. Actually, it's been done to death. Let's get over him and move on!

Are you sick and tired of Charlie Sheen jokes?


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