Pia Toscano's Record Deal Won't Make Her a Success

pia toscanoPia fans, it's time to celebrate. Pia Toscano, American Idol beauty and ninth place finalist of season 10, has finally landed a record deal with Interscope Records. The most exciting part? Her debut single, "This Time," launches in just six days, on July 12. Wahoo!

Of course, I'm excited. Have you HEARD her voice? I don't know about you -- but I was shocked when she got let go last season. However, while I don't mean to be a Debbie Downier, I do have a news flash for all of you: This record deal won't make her a success. Trust me.


You see, there have been plenty of Idol finalists who landed record deals and weren't exactly the biggest thing to hit the Billboard Charts. You know who I'm talking about. Like David Archuleta, for instance, who was dropped by Jive records following poor record sales in 2010. And then there was Clay Aiken, who was dropped by Decca earlier this year.

Hell, on the flip side, there have even been some people who auditioned for American Idol, didn't make it past the first round, and landed it big. Have you heard of a little songbird by the name of Hillary Scott? Yup. The Lady Antebellum front-woman auditioned for Idol (twice!) and didn't even make it in front of the judges. Bet the producers are kicking themselves now, eh?

No record deal is guaranteed to make you and no failed audition is guaranteed to break you. On the other hand, talent and perseverance have everything to do with one's success. Heck, David and Clay still have fans. With or without their recording contracts, their voices are what made them famous. Their talent is what got them the name recognition, not their record labels.

Things are on the ups for Pia. First, she hooks up with Mark Ballas. And now, she's got this sweet dealio. Plus, Pia has the voice and personality to make it far. What's next? Her own reality show? I wouldn't be surprised.

What do you think of Pia signing with Interscope Records?


Image via AmericanIdol.com

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