'America's Got Talent' Cindy Chang Is New Susan Boyle (VIDEO)

cindy chang
Cindy Chang on America's Got Talent
I will never apologize for my love of a good old-fashioned singing competition; shows like American Idol and The Voice are sometimes the only reason I get up in the morning. I will, on the other hand, apologize for being a fan of America's Got Talent. I know: It's possibly the worst, most annoying show on television, and yet, I can't turn it off. Did you see it last night? With contestant Cindy Chang?

I don't want to say there was a Susan Boyle moment on the show last night, but there was a Susan Boyle moment on the show last night. When the giggly Chang, 42 years old going on 12, took the stage, I have to admit, I was cringing. She said she wasn't that great at singing, and heck, she was chugging olive oil before her performance ... it's only natural that she lose some credibility in my mind. But maybe she was trying to throw us off her scent? And then, then she opened her mouth.


Cindy Chang. Cindy "I Don't Know Why I'm Here" Chang. Cindy "Giggle Giggle Snort Snort" Chang. Cindy "What, Like Singing Opera Is Hard?" Chang.

She blew me, and everyone in the crowd, away. Standing ovation! And I actually teared up at the end of her performance, although, to be fair, that's nothing new. I cried after every Javier Colon performance on The Voice like the real baby that I am. Oh and don't get me started on how many tears I shed during the Idol week when the contestants go to their hometown. I think I lost five pounds in water weight during Scotty's segment alone.

Anyway, I wasn't the only one: Cindy burst into sobs too when she was done. I could just sense her relief and her joy. What! I'm sorry, it was moving. Cindy said that her parents told her she could never be a singer, but guess they're eating crow now. Was this is a case of tiger parenting gone wrong? Cindy's operatic voice is gorgeous. I wonder how different her life would have been if she'd been encouraged to explore her talent from an early age. Who knows, she could've been a veteran star performing at the MET by now.

Cindy's modesty and friendliness, combined with her killer voice, will make her a crowd favorite. She's going to go really far: You heard it here first, folks.

WATCH Cindy's amazing performance on America's Got Talent:

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