Cory Monteith Shows Gay Guys a Little Love (VIDEO)

Cory Monteith PSA

Calling all Finn Hudson fans! I didn't know it was possible to fall even more in love with Glee's Cory Monteith, but apparently it is. The 29-year-old appears in a brand new PSA for Straight But Not Narrow, an awareness campaign that is all about straight males showing support to the gay community. And, FYI: He. Looks. Gorgeous.

I don't know if it's humanly possible not to listen to what this hunk has to say. Brains and brawn? I swoon. Let's take a look-see at Monteith's PSA, shall we?


The campaign couldn't have found a better candidate to help spread their message of acceptance, especially because we've watched Cory as Finn be Kurt's biggest fan on Glee. The message is so positive, and the way he delivers the PSA seems so honest and approachable. It's not often you hear straight men telling gay men that it's OK to be who they really are.

Monteith isn't the only big name Straight But Not Narrow has on their team. Hunger Games fans should check out the PSA from Josh Hutcherson, and to find out more about Straight But Not Narrow, take a look at their Twitter page.

What do you think of Cory's PSA for Straight But Not Narrow?


Image via YouTube

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