'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Who's the Bully?

Simon Van KempenTonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York was all about taking Simon Van Kempen, husband of Alex McCord, down. Now, Simon is a lot of things -- weird, insanely annoying, obnoxious, and creepy -- but he’s not a cyber bully no matter how much Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon try to pin that buzz word on him.

Honestly, as harshly as they pounced on him, it was almost like they were bullying him for supposedly being a bully. As much as I'm having a hard time accepting the fact that I'm on Simon's side on this one (on anything), I am.


Okay, he shouldn't have told Jill to "watch out." That left him open to all sorts of claws coming out, but he wasn't talking about offing them or anything; he was, at worst, talking about "mean tweeting" them. Ohhhh, call the Twitter police.

Calling tweeting negative things about people -- especially famous people -- "cyber-bullying" is really taking away from people who are truly cyber-bullied. Freedom of speech protects (or should protect) Simon from voicing his opinions on Twitter or most anywhere else. Just because Kelly and Jill don't like it doesn't make it bullying. Remember sticks and stones, girls?

AND ... Jill is one to talk! She's one of the meanest tweeters there is. Reality Tea has a great article that examines the issue of who bullied whom and highlights some of Jill's mean tweets including some like these:

  • “Mixed message? Your a hypocrite!” tweeted Jill about Ramona on June 23.
  • “Just watched next weeks episode. It’s like soft porn. Gross!!! Then Luann takes down a housewife. Want to guess who? Such great episode!” tweeted Jill on June 11.
  • “We r dying laughing watching Ramona fake cry.” tweeted Jill June 9.
  • “She is just using me to try to get more twitter followers. Desperate move don’t u think? She did that with b too. Sad.” tweeted Jill on June 5.

There are plenty more. Can you say hypocrite?

Kelly was WAY involved in this mission, and especially upset about the whole thing because Simon is a man. How that matters when it comes to Twitter, I'm not clear, but it was a big deal to her ... the whole thing was a HUGE deal to her.

In another bizarre and LOL-inducing confrontation that was eerily similar to the one they had in Morocco, Kelly tried to set Alex straight and get her to put Simon on a leash. When Alex tried to explain they are two separate people, Kelly got all wacky again. She didn't tell her to close her eyes, but there were a couple suggestions that she needed to breathe and stop turning red.

Please stop being red. It’s bothering me now. Can you just take a breath?

She also had something to say about Simon being a pageant dad and Alex being his 6-year-old daughter, but I didn't quite follow.

Yep, crazy Kelly is still alive and well. Alex was understandably in shock at the ambush with Kelly calling her husband "creepy" and "weird" and didn't get anything out of the whole thing except hives and a promise from Kelly that she'd be "iced out." Maybe a pancake. Poor Alex -- between Kelly and LuAnn, she just keeps getting beaten down everywhere she goes.

Again, I'd like to state for the record that I am no fan of Simon Van Kempen, but in this case, what's right is right, and the way Jill and Kelly pummeled him and Alex tonight was wrong.

Do you think Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon unfairly accused Simon of being a cyber bully?

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