Amber Rose's Nude Photos Are Totally Paying Off (VIDEO)

Amber Rose
Amber Rose
Well, who am I to judge model Amber Rose and the super-duper graphic nude photos (she probably leaked) all over the web? Because they certainly seem to be doing the trick -- and working the kind of PR magic she most likely wanted. Her name is trending again today, and the photos are surely helping to get the word out about her upcoming reality show. Heck, I'm writing about her for the second time in two days. In other words, the timing of these leaked shots is most likely no coincidence.

Just ask Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton about that kind of marketing tactic. It works!


According to her interview with RumorFix, Amber Rose says she is shooting an "open book" reality television show about her life, her businesses, and her family. When asked about competing with reality stars Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, Rose says:

I'm not really in any competition. I'm like way different than those girls so I just bring my own thing to the table.

She may be right, but one thing's for sure. Amber definitely took a page out of those ladies' reality TV playbooks. Leaked photos and sex tapes get people talking (and tweeting and sharing ... A LOT ... ), and even though that kind of attention might feel negative, it definitely pays off. Like, in real money that comes from getting shows and paid appearances and interviews. It's rare, in fact, that such pictorial "scandals" sink a career rather than make it -- well, unless you're a Congressman, of course.

And I admit it. Even though her way too revealing photos (what happened to the nice tasteful nude shot?) made me feel very prudish, I'm still more interested in Amber's person now than I was two days ago. Of course, I always want in on people's psychology. Me and the rest of the reality-TV-watching world, I guess.

WATCH Amber Rose talking about her new show, starts around 1:35:

Right or wrong, do you think leaking photos and sex tapes make for meaningful career moves these days?


Image via Rumor Fix

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