Producer Can't Kick Charlie Sheen Habit Without Resorting to Murder

Charlie SheenWord has it that Charlie Sheen's character on Two and Half Men, Charlie Harper, is going to be killed by CBS. Not just "killed" as in he'll disappear from the show, or move away, or otherwise be written out of it, but rather killed as in offed, made to die, and forever removed from the earth (the TV earth that is). Kind of harsh for a sitcom don't you think?

According to TMZ, the show's creator, Chuck Lorre, wants to make sure Sheen can never return to the show again. Yep, besides concocting some bizarro rising-from-the-dead scenario, killing him would ensure that. But why is Lorre so eager to put the nails in the coffin?


Seems to me Lorre is a Charlie Sheen addict, and he's afraid his willpower won't be strong enough to resist him in the future. It's kind of like when I buy a bag of potato chips, beat myself up for eating half of them in one sitting, and then run the rest under water so I won't be tempted anymore. Sheen is probably like potato chips to Lorre.

He's been wronged by Sheen in the past as Sheen has bad-mouthed and trash-talked him and the network, and Lorre knows he's big trouble. But well, he IS Charlie Sheen, and as screwed up as the guy is, he's kind of irresistible -- especially to Lorre who has given him chances galore.

Whether it's because Lorre is a money-hungry exec who sees Sheen only as a ratings grab, or it's something more personal like Sheen's magnetic pull on Lorre's heart, it's clear they have a toxic relationship.

Add to that the fact that there are already rumors (though unsubstantiated) that Sheen may be in the process of signing a deal with Lionsgate for another sitcom. We all know how when someone else wants someone, that ups their desirability even more, so perhaps killing him off is the only way to fight the addiction.

Of course, now the question becomes HOW he'll be killed off. Word has it the producers are already scheming as to what will happen when next season's first episode begins filming August 5. Will Lorre make it a violent death (his car going off a cliff has been suggested as a potential scenario), a slow and painful death, or otherwise take out some of his deep-seeded anger toward Sheen? It's a comedy, so things can't get too gruesome ... or least one would think not. In this twisted, addictive relationship, however, all bets are off.

Do you think killing off Charlie Sheen's character on Two and a Half Men will cure Chuck Lorre's addiction?

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