'Bachelorette' Bentley Williams Is More Pathetic Than Mean

Ashley Hebert finally caught on to Bentley Williams Monday night on The Bachelorette. “He’s a player,” she said, with big eyes, shocked with her revelation. And we all said: Duh. And yet, he is more than that, too.

The dude flew all the way from the US to Hong Kong to stay in the Bachelorette suite and make Ashley feel even worse. Watching him squirm while she asked for closure made one thing abundantly clear: The guy has no balls.

No matter how mean or rude or obnoxious he is, all of these bad qualities pale in comparison to his number one worst quality. He simply has no cojones. A guy with any integrity or strength of character would tell her the truth, but I didn't get the sense he was playing her, I got the sense he was too scared to be honest.


He seemed scared of her emotion, her anger, her sadness. It wasn't immediately obvious behind his bravado, but Bentley is just an insecure little boy who needs a woman to love him (even one he doesn't love) in order to feel good about himself. Unfortunately he isn't unlike many men.

They seem to fear the breakup, so they say confusing things, things like “dot, dot, dot ...” Ugh! How many times did we have to hear that one?

The fact is, for us viewers, there never was a dot, dot, dot. We all knew he was a jerk, but finally Ashley empowered herself and took back her strength. She even told Bentley to eff off (with better words). Good on her. It was about time.

Ashley has a lot going for her, and her ability to make herself vulnerable and put herself on the line may have made her look foolish, but in the end, it made her look wise. Bentley was a pathetic loser with no spine and she finally saw it.

She called him a “player,” but that isn't what he is. He is pathetic, the kind of guy who needs to hurt women to feel better about himself. Most of us ladies have known at least one guy like him, and the fact is, the story doesn't end well for guys like him. I sense a lot more misery and divorce and heartache in his future.

But for Ashley, there will be love, whether on ABC or in real life. She tells the truth even when it makes her look stupid. She knows her feelings and her heart, and she puts them on the line.

In the end, she wins. Hands down. The Bentleys of the world go nowhere.

Do you think Bentley is a player or just pathetic?

Image via ABC

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