‘Bachelorette’ Recap: Ashley Hebert Loses Big

Monday night’s Bachelorette had a shocking twist that was never teased, and when Mickey went home, all bets kind of went off the table. He had been an early favorite, listed by many spoilers as one of the final two. And now Ashley has lost the best guy of the season.

The man with beautiful light eyes, dark hair, and the ability to cook wasn't happy with Ashley Hebert’s decision not to tell them early in the Hong Kong week that Bentley Williams had come into town to give her closure. So she lost him.

He called her a liar (essentially) and left in a boat before she could convince him otherwise. It was a rude departure and seemed uncalled for from a man who signed up for a dating show where one woman dates two dozen men.


Did he really think she would keep him abreast of every feeling as it came? She had every right to revisit her feelings for Bentley, however misinformed and silly they seem to us. She told them when she felt comfortable and did nothing wrong. In the end, it was obviously his discomfort with the show that did him in.

She told them the truth. So what was their problem? Every one of the guys seemed to have a major issue with Ashley’s decision to tell them about Bentley’s visit to Hong Kong, but she can’t really help her feelings. She cared for Bentley, crazy as that seems, and needed closure.

There is some irony to the idea that Bentley -- arguably the biggest loser ever on the show -- made Ashley lose Mickey who seemed to me to be one of the better guys to ever grace The Bachelorette.

The show will always drive good guys (and women) away. After all, what kind of person is OK with sharing their date with so many others? You are almost set up not to meet a quality guy. Mickey wants instant honesty and full disclosure? Dude, try Match.com. How could you possibly think you might find THAT on ABC?

Monday night proved yet again that the guys who get the least amount of time (Blake, for instance) are almost always the ones to go home. It certainly skews the dating show to have each of them not get an equal chance. And it ends up sending some good ones home.

Maybe in another scenario, Mickey and Ashley would have been together, but clearly he couldn't handle the show and its premise. In the end, it's why show doesn't really work. The best guys can’t handle it.

Not one of the guys Ashley has left is as good as the ones she lost Monday night.

Do you think Mickey was a big loss?


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