'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kim Gets to the Bottom of Rumors

Kim Kardashian x-rayIt's not every day you see someone get her ass x-rayed, but there on Keeping Up With the Kardashians tonight was Kim Kardashian doing just that. A tabloid report that her butt exploded on an airplane coupled with nudging from Khloe and Kourtney was just what she needed to attempt to set the world straight about her most famous ass-et.

"Who the hell of a normal person gets butt implants?" she asked, with an almost audible slap in the face of all the Kim Kardashian wannabees who have gotten them.

Her quest to prove all the rumors wrong was for a righteous cause, if ever there was one. As Steve Martin tweeted, "I think it was Abraham Lincoln who said, "I want to get x-rays to prove my butt's real."


So after a really disturbing conversation in which they talked about putting food up their butts (namely hot dogs and pickles), off to their family doctor the sisters went. Kourtney got her boobs x-rayed first to show what implants look like, then Kim was up. After a few zaps, the results were in and ... no implants, according to the doctor.

I'm not sure it proved  anything to true Kardashian ass conspiracy theorists (they could be fake x-rays!), but any doubts the rest of us may have had (no matter how tiny) were pretty much quashed with the results -- it's just naturally big. The world can sleep easier now.

So can Bruce Jenner who finally got his picture put up in his own home. It came to be after Kris Jenner was contemplating changing her last name back to Kardashian. She said it was business, and couldn't see why Bruce -- her husband of 20 years -- should care.

"It's like the Kennedy's. Everybody knows the Kennedy's," she said. And yes, she was completely serious.

Poor Bruce, whether all that plastic surgery zapped the fight out of him or he's just too scared to deal with Kris, he wasn't willing to fight it. Khloe, however, stepped in to save the day ... or at least a bit of Bruce's dignity. She told Kris that her behavior was hurtful and pointed out how there was nothing of Bruce anywhere in the home, not even in the sacred hall of photos that was lined with plenty of pics of Kris and the girls.

In the end, Kris saw the error of  her ways -- or at least figured out she'd look like too much of an ass if she didn't pretend to -- and decided against changing her name. Then she ceremoniously hung Bruce's picture in the hall with the rest of them ... which was only 20 years too late.

Did you ever doubt that Kim Kardashian's ass was real? Do you feel bad for Bruce Jenner?


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