'SYTYCD' Recap: Time for a Makeover

SYTYCD top 16The competition went from a top 20 to a top 16 in a matter of minutes on the So You Think You Can Dance results show. The bottom three was not totally surprising, but still a bit of a bummer. And when they got down to it, Nigel reminded the dancers that their solos before eliminations are not just a chance to do a little dance for America -- it's called "dancing for your life" for a reason. Unfortunately, some of them just couldn't do it, and it cost them their lives on the show, as Nigel insisted.


Before we get to that, there was, of course, a group dance. This was the second and final time the top 20 danced as a group, and it was a Dave Scott routine with a really interesting style. It made me think, with all the changes they make to the structure of the show, it needs one more makeover.

If we're all honest with ourselves for a minute, I think it's safe to admit that results shows can sometimes be a snore. You want to know who's in the bottom three and maybe you want to remember the dances they had from the night before, but it really doesn't require a whole hour. Some of the performances are cool, especially when they incorporate some of our favorite dancers, but they're often somewhat annoying. That's why the group dance is the best part of the night!

I don't know about you, but I certainly wouldn't mind if instead of two guests, there was only one with two group dances. Is there a petition I can start? Anybody with me?! No? Mmmkay, then ...

So back to the competition. The bottom three couples were Missy & Wadi, Iveta & Nick, and Ryan & Ricky. Ricky and Iveta had the best solos and I really liked Wadi's as well, but the others just weren't that good.

Still, I think Wadi has greater potential to grow than the other two guys and I just love him, so I was super-bummed when Ricky got to stay. And even though she hasn't been doing so hot up to this point, I was glad Ryan stayed to get another shot. Ryan, you came in as one of my faves! Don't let me down!

Were you happy with the results on SYTYCD?


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