Anna Paquin Doesn't Mind Sharing Her Vampire Husband

anna paquin stephen moyerVampire fanatics are totally intense, in case you missed the Anne Rice years and haven't been to a Twilight movie in the past few years. They're serious, and it's like they kinda BELIEVE or want to believe vampires are real and, of course, always real sexy too. Sometimes they even skip all time in the daylight hours in hopes of meeting their very own ... vampire lover.

Actress Anna Paquin knows first hand about vampire fanaticism because she plays Sookie Stackhouse on HBO's True Blood (season 4 premiere is THIS SUNDAY!) and happens to be married to her co-star Stephen Moyer, who plays yummy vampire Bill Compton. And based on what she let's Stephen do with True Blood fans, I think she's pretty much -- move over Bella -- the dream vampire wife.


In a recent interview with Men's Health magazine, Moyer said he actually BITES fans' necks and breasts in order to keep them happy, and his wife Anna Paquin is fine with it. "If my missus is there and she approves of the person, I get to bite boobs ... and necks."

Dang! I bet Kristen Stewart don't play that with RPattz, but then again, I think it takes a pretty confident woman to let her man go around biting fang-obsessed women in their erotic zones.

But what a lovely gift for a true vampire fanatic! Paquin is just making their every fantasy come true. Bill's, er I mean Stephen's, hot breath and fierce fangs, er, teeth on your neck, even if only for a short moment on the sidewalk outside a restaurant in L.A. It's the kind of tingly sensational memory that will last an eternity.

You're a damn good vampire wife, Anna Paquin.

If you see Stephen Moyer on the street, will you ask him to take a little nibble now?


Image via HBO

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